About yours truly

Much like everyone else on the internets, I claim here I will update this asap, but never will. I’m pretty awesome though, that’s all there is to know.



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  1. William Hardwick said:

    I really enjoyed your site on your travels in France. I have been to France many times – as a mater of fact I am returning on March 2nd for 5 weeks.

    I am looking into the possibility of shipping my bike to France with the intention of travelling Europe. I could leave the bike with freinds in Nyons.

    Can you advise me on how long I can leave my bike in France? Can keep it in France for 2-3 years then ship it home to Vancouver?

    How did you arange insurance and with who?


    • I hear the longest you can leave it is one year, but that’s not verified info. I’d actually love to hear a definitive answer if you come across it.
      Innsurance was through Knopf Tours. Very helpful and straightforward.

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