First outing with the new-to-me 1098, after 6 months of winter storage.

Ducati 1098 ready to go

Within an hour, I come across a police car.

Cherries light up. Ah crap.

I stop, my heart races, what did I do wrong? Dammit.

Take my helmet off, get paperwork ready as he sits in his car. He’s loading up his guns, for sure. Or making sure his dogs are hungry, willing to chew my head off.

Door opens … he’s smiling. “What?”. He’d misread my plate. Comes up ot me, doesn’t ask for anything, says it’s a beautiful weather for a ride, and wishes me a good day.

Crisis averted.


The day carries on. It’s a balmy 10 degrees, but the winter ice and snow are still omnipresent.

A pause at the local marina.

Ducati 1098 marinaDucati 1098 marina

Ducati 1098 marina

Catching a break at the marina

The ski resort was far more popular, for skiers anyways.

Ducati 1098 Mont Tremblant

Ducati 1098 Hypermotard at Mont Tremblant

Ducs at Tremblant

We found some clear, straight and scenic roads.

Ducati 1098 Hypermotard straight roadDucati Hypermotard straight roadDucati 1098 Hypermotard straight road

Ducati 1098 Hypermotard straight road

Stopping for pics on the side of the road