It was as smooth as ever. Got to Air France Cargo in Blagnac (Toulouse Airport thing) in the morning, paid some 60 euros fee because it was over 200kgs, went across the parking lot to customs, where they made a copy of my registration, and rode out. And everyone was super pleasant.
They didn’t check shit, not even insurance. Can’t believe I stressed all that much about it.
And the bike is in perfect shape.

Didn’t get lost getting out of the city and headed straight for Carcassonne to unload some unnecessary items.

In the evening I went for a quick ride since … well shit. Do I need a reason? I’m in southern France, and I have a 1098 sitting right there. What else am I gonna do?

Headed for the first small departementale I could find, 5 mins away.

Aaaand it was spectacular. Wide views going all the way to the Pyrenees, winding little roads.

Around CarcassonneAround Carcassonne
Must be mushroom hunting season too, there were more than a few cars parked on the side of the road, and old men looking belliquously, for fear I’d snitch on their secret spot. Fear not old man, I don’t even know where I am, I was lost 30min ago and I haven’t stopped or asked where the hell I was since. I could be on the moon, for all I know. Except prettier.

Managed to hit a main road to Limoux and headed back to Carcassonne via some more small roads. Paused at Gaja et Villedieu. My grandparents used to have a house there. Kid memories and stuff.


Unpleasantly enough, on some innocuous corner I had the rear tire slide out a bit. Not enough to call it a highside, but unpleasant. Blame it on my body positioning, on the odd coagulated gravel road surface, or on the shitty Michelin Power Pure that I hate with a vengeance … the end result is that I’m a bit wary. That’s good I presume, will keep me from riding fast. I might get overtaken by grandmas on their Vespas though.

Made it to the Cite before sunset. It’s still there!!! And it’s still quite imposing. I’ll have to actually walk in it again at some point.

Cite de CarcassonneCite de CarcassonneCite de Carcassonne