Last weekend I noticed an engine check light come up as I filled up. It went away as I restarted. “meh. eletrical glitch. italians.” I thought.

Going up the last col, I thought the bike sounded different, more hollow. “meh. must be the altitude.” I thought.

As I was heading back home, I couldn’t find a way to fit my earplugs … they were shoved in my ears so deep they require a fishing line to get them out. Forget the ear canal, they were up in my brain. And it was still loud as hell. “meh. these earplugs have always sucked. I just don’t have it today.” I thought.

Went to fill her up yesterday, loud as hell. Not a good loud either, loud and hollow. “meh. must be because I’m not wearing the earplugs, plus I’m around town so it’s reverberating.” I thought.

That was a lot of thought. So I gave in and inspected the damn thing before leaving for Andorra today. Yeah. That’s not gone well.

Ducati cracked exhaustDucati cracked exhaustDucati cracked exhaustDropped it at the local dealer who will fix it up. Back on the road tomorrow.