So the bike left Montreal earlier. My turn to get outta there.

Flying out of Montreal, Air Canada FTW

Great strategy on my end, I picked a seat on the wrong side of the plane, and had a beautiful view of … Laval and the South Shore. Just Great.

Flying out of Montreal, view on Laval

As straightforward as you’d imagine. Hop in plane, sit next to an annoying fool for 6h, and land in Paris at 7am with zero sleep whatsoever.

Flying out of Montreal

Then, hop in the train, and voila! New home, Carcassonne. It’s sunny. And warm. Quite pretty, too. And I’m so tired my head exploded twice, I feel like crap having spent the last 18h sitting down, A shower was welcome. No pics of that.

Carcassonne & the Canal du MidiCarcassonne train station