Weather’s been shitty for the past 10 days, enough of this!

Headed East, where it’s supposed to be sunny! This is my route.

The road’s rough, but fall colors are most pleasant.

No rain, but I’m still under lots of clouds.

Don’t miss a curve, it’s a long way down. Little stream is a freebie.

Sun ahead! Flawless victory!

Leaves and general autumness. Not a lot of traffic here, that slight green color in the middle of the road? It’s moss!

At the end of the mountains. Sun everywhere. Fuck yeah.

Going down towards … Dufort? I think? Doesn’t matter anyways, it’s a tiny tiny village.

Pine trees all over.

After Soreze, this is officially the Black Mountain forest. Pretty nice place.

Small bridges abound.

And they all have a plaque with a specific number. OCD me enjoyed that.


Ok, normal version.

House lost in the woods.

Yet another photo break. I do that a lot.

Again in pine trees going back south.

And a last break in the middle of nowhere.