I suppose I should’ve warned you, dear reader and a half, that I was taking a vacation from my vacation during the holidays. And since I care not to turn this into a biography, no bike or travel means nothing to write about.

Anyways! Back to the regular programming.

I’d been advised since day one to check out the Massif de la Clape, close to Narbonne.

Not much to say, really. I quickly made way to Narbonne under sunny skies, 30mins away. Of course, the seaside still being a novelty to me, I went right for the coast. Of course I got lost and ended up at this little marina. Deserted. Sunny. Pleasant.

Going back in the proper direction through marshes and canals, I stumbled upon this old ship, from the late 1800s apparently. It was being rebuilt … very very slowly.

At this point, I have no idea where I am or which way I’m going. Those marshes areas are always the same! One road, going left and right and intersections seemingly leading nowhere. It’s pretty and sunny, I don’t need to know where I’m going.
Civilization! Sea! Beach!

And the “mountain” range I came for in the first place.


Stopped for a scenery picture after railing some beautiful curves. Wild thyme all over the place. Smells so good.

And said scenery picture. It was nice.