Not much going on. Weather is too cold to really ride, and I’m busy with preparations for the end of the trip!

I just took a stroll around the city.

Found this amusing street sign. Gaffe is French for blunder, I like the irony with Jesus and his niche nearby.

On my way back, I noticed an abnormal amount of happy people. I wondered briefly what they all were so smiley about. Tiny horses. That’s what. I smiled along.

Further, I stopped at the boulangerie for some bread … the inevitable routine for any Frenchman in France.

Spotted this cake. Appropriately named “Pig”. With absolutely no clue what it was, I had to have one.

Turns out, it’s almond paste for the exterior, and filled with liquor-ish chocolate and hazelnuts inside. Delicious. Mille-feuilles in the background is jealous, I can tell.